The longest
Music Video of all times
– for a good cause.

HIV and AIDS are among the biggest challenges of our era. Currently, 37 Million people are living with HIV and only half of them have access to life-saving medical treatment. That needs to change. With three letters and a dot the charitable top-level-domain .hiv is setting a clear signal for the end of AIDS.

The Sunshine Song

Together with the German Band “Die Söhne Mannheims” we have composed a song for hope and confidence. Because together we can achieve more: We can save lives by providing more people with life-saving medical treatments. And create a community of hope. That’s why funds from the sale of the song go to charitable HIV-projects. And you can join us in showing your support by creating the longest music-video of all times.

Download the song and automatically donate with your purchase :


Join us!

To be part of the longest music video and show your support, simply send us an image or short video. Make your point for the end of AIDS.

These are your options:
- Write “.hiv” with a pen onto paper or, for example, with the finger onto a foggy window. You can also write your own .hiv domain, if you have one.
- Throw a ball (representing the dot in .hiv) from the left hand side of the frame to the right hand side of the frame. We will link them together and create a chain of supporters.
- Show us the dot-sign with your hands. Use a finger or your fist to show: I support the fight against AIDS.
- Send us an image or video of anything that looks like a dot. It could be the moon, a ladybug or really just about anything that’s round. There are no limits to your creativity.


Companies can support the cause with their very own .hiv domain for their website. Make a visible mark of solidarity with your own digital red ribbon – – and support non-profit HIV-projects with your domain-purchase.

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